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August 25, 2008
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Title: What happens in the castle, stays in the castle.
Pairing: AkuRoku main, Zemyx side

It was a cold and rainy day in The World That Never Was. Roxas got up from the couch he was sitting on and walked to Axel’s room. He knocked on the door.
“Axel?” Roxas asked cautiously.
“Yes?” Axel seemed bored when he answered.
“It’s Roxas, can I come in?”
Roxas walked into his room and immediately began to sweat. His room was like an oven since he was a fire element.
“So, what do you want Roxy?” axel asked, not looking up from the magazine he was reading.
“Don’t call me Roxy.”
“Fine. What do you want?”
“I just felt like talking to you.”
“Okay. Talk away Rox.”
“Umm, well. Can I ask your advice?”
“Well, say there was a boy. He had no heart, but felt like he could feel.”
“Felt like he could feel? Are you okay Rox?”
“Anyway, the boy, felt like he loved a girl. The boy was too chicken to ask the girl out though.”
Axel raised his eyebrows. He pretended not to care, but he honestly did. He knew Roxas was talking about himself, and probably Namine. He felt a large pang of jealousy. Felt? No, he couldn’t feel, right?
“What should that boy do to be able to ask the girl out?” Roxas asked nervously.
Axel got an idea. He didn’t want Namine stealing his Rox, so he came up with a plan…
“You should give, I mean, the boy should give her flowers.” Axel said smiling.
“Great! I mean, uh, what kind?”
Axel knew Namine was allergic to daisies.
“Okay!” Roxas shouted.
Roxas opened a portal and went to Marluxia’s garden to get a few daisies. Roxas came back through the portal almost as soon as he went in.
“Okay, I got the daisies. Now what should I, I mean the boy do?”
Namine’ was terrified of the color pink. And she got nauseous at the sight of swirly things.
“You should get her something pink, and something that’s very mesmerizing. Like one of those things that spin around in circles in the wind. A pink spinny thing.”
This time it took longer for Roxas to come back. He had daisies and a pink spinny-thing.
“Okay Roxas, the boy should be set to tell the girl he likes her! Now go on!” And Axel pushed him out of his room.
“But-!” Roxas had the door slammed in his face before he could finish.
Roxas sat on the ground. He didn’t actually like Namine at all. She was too sweet and caring and really annoying with her ‘calm’ attitude. Roxas wanted someone who could fight, and be feisty and fiery… someone like Axel.
Little did axel know, Axel WAS the girl and Roxas was the boy. The thing was, Roxas didn’t know if Axel was gay or not.
‘I’ll ask Axel tomorrow. I’ll tell him to meet me in the library. Yeah, that should be romantic enough, but not too gushy. I just hope Zexion isn’t there… oh well!’
Roxas went to sleep after putting the daisies in some water.
Axel was fuming mad and stayed up all night.
‘Great! Now I’m gonna lose my Rox to some irritating blonde girl and Roxas is gonna spend all his time with her and they’re gonna be the sweetest couple on the planet and Superior is going to be so happy and…’
And that went on in Axel’s head till four in the morning.
Roxas was already up and showered by six in the morning. He went to the huge castle kitchen and wasn’t surprised to see it deserted. He fixed himself toast, munched it down, and ran to brush his teeth again. He wrote a note and placed it under Axel’s door. It read:

Please meet me in the library at half past eight. I have something I want to tell you.

When Axel woke up and stumbled to his attached bathroom and stepped on a piece of paper. He read the note and felt overjoyed. And yes, he truly believed that he had felt something. Something warm in his chest. He quickly showered and dressed in the usual black Organization 13 coat and gloves and boots. It was 8: 24 in the morning, so he decided to portal over to the library.
What he saw surprised him.
There was Roxas, sitting in tight black pants a very nice fitting black sweater. He was sitting on a couch next to a huge window that was the wall of the library. Around Roxas was the pink spinny thing and the daisies he had gotten yesterday for Namine.
Roxas looked up innocently and smiled at Axel. He patted the seat next to him and motioned for Axel to sit down. Axel did as he was told.
Axel looked at the presents in between them, outside where it was raining terribly, and saved Roxas for last. He studied every feature of Rox’s face. His spiky blonde hair, his cute little nose, his soft lips that made Axel’s mouth water, and his big ocean blue eyes that made Axel so entranced.
Roxas broke the silence.
“Axel, I, I wanted to tell you something. See, the thing is, well, these presents weren’t for Namine. They were, for you.”
Roxas stared into Axel’s emerald eyes. Axel was too shocked to even speak. Those presents were for him? Axel just sat there with his mouth open slightly, gawking at Roxas.
“See, uh, the thing is Axel, I, I think I, I love you.” Roxas whispered the last few words and looked down at the presents in between them.
Axel blushed a deep color of red. Roxas, loved him? Roxas loved him back?!
“A-axel?” Roxas looked up into the green eyes.
Roxas didn’t get to say anything more because Axel kissed him passionately. Roxas slowly eased into the kiss until their tongues were fighting in their mouths. Axel’s tongue won of course and gained entrance to Roxas’ mouth. Roxas had fallen backwards on the couch, so now Axel was on top of him.
They heard the library door open and Zexion and Demyx walked in. Both of their eyes widened at seeing Axel and Roxas like that. Zexion opened his mouth first.
“Umm, well, Axel, Roxas, I can see your having a good time, so we’ll just leave. C’mon Demyx.”
Zexion opened a portal and rushed through it, with Demyx following close behind. But before Demyx entered the darkness entirely, he winked at Axel and gave him the thumbs up sign. Soon Demyx was gone too.
Zexion had taken Demyx to his own room.
“Darn. Now our spot is taken.” Demyx said as he sat on Zexion’s bed.
“That’s okay Zex; we have a perfectly fine bed riiiight here.”
With that, Zexion and Demyx started making out on the bed and eventually moving on to, something else…
Meanwhile, Roxas and Axel had merely shrugged and continued their make out.
Little did everybody know that everyone in the castle was secretly fucking each other.
But that happens every night of course.
...Stays in the Castle.

Totally random! I started typing this out in Word and... well that's about it. xDD Enjoy if you can?

Good ol' Copyright Smut:
Kingdom hearts, Axel, Roxas, Demyx, Zexion, and The World That Never Was belongs to Square Enix and Disney, NOT ME. D'8
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